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Are there any entry requirements?

At LSEM we take your success as it’s ours. We take pride in mentoring artists and seeing them prosper. It’s a win-win situation. So even when we don’t expect you to have any official qualifications, but we do expect that you have the time and the will to progress and to achieve your goals. Our coaches are professionals and are also very busy, so we tend to pick students that show potential and passion to get to the highest levels in the music business.

What’s the Application Process?

Application is made via this form. When you apply, please tell us about you as much as you can:

  • Your age and location.
  • Your chosen Tutors. When possible, provide more than one so we can check for their availability.
  • Type of Coaching you want to apply for (DJ/Producer/Both)
  • Your Music Style
  • Your preferred Software. Don’t worry if you don’t know, we are happy to give you an intro to help you choose.
  • If you already have done any work, we’d love to listen to it! Even if it’s at a very early stage, send us a link to any platform like Soundcloud or Dropbox.
  • Experience as a Performer, if any.
  • Equipment you already own. Even if you don’t have anything at all, we can help you decide what to buy.
  • Your Goals as Artist. How do you see yourself in the future?
  • Type of Classes: Via Webcam: Worldwide; In-Person: at your Tutor’s Studio or at yours.
After receiving your application, we’ll take all your info into consideration and we'll reply with an answer as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Classes via Webcam or In-Person. What can I expect and what Equipment do I need?

Once we created your tailored course and plan of action, we recommend classes once or twice a week. This ensures that you have time to practice on the assignments that your tutor gives you.

When you choose to have your classes In-Person, your teacher will normally have all you need. If you already bought, for instance, a MIDI controller, you are more than welcome to bring it with you.

If you choose to have classes at your studio or your home, we need to make sure it meets the basic requirements for the classes to be given successfully. Please let us know about it when you apply!

Either for Classes via Webcam or In-Person, you can count on:
  • Software/Hardware recommendations, i.e:
  • Logic Pro, Ableton Live (Music Production)
  • Rekordbox, Traktor and Controllers (DJ)
  • Most of them give you free trial periods to get you started.
  • A Personal Dropbox folder that you’ll share with your Coach. This will include:
  • Any Projects/Songs you’ll work on. We’ll make sure to have 100% compatibility so you can work on it from your computer as well as the tutor’s
  • Royalty-Free Sound packs and plugins.
  • A personal file with all your data and written comments about your progression.
  • We record the video sessions so you can count on it to watch at a later time.

Technical Requirements:
  • A Computer (Mac/Windows)
  • Headphones
  • A pair of good studio speakers would be ideal, but not absolutely required to start with.
  • Your chosen Software.
  • Zoom Software (Free).
  • We use a plugin that streams high-resolution audio with very low latency.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via the Application Form or via Email.

What do we expect from Students?

Generally speaking, we want our students to reach their goals and be successful. So, to achieve this we need you to work as hard as we do! We like finding passionate people that have dreams and aspire the best in their careers. And we work hard to inspire you to move forward in order to climb the business ladder. We aim to help you achieve professional, industry-standard sounding products and we’ll help you to promote yourself via releasing your tracks on our label, promoting your mixes on social media, playing on our showcases or guide you to do it your own way. And for this, we all need commitment and perseverance. But don’t worry, we are also understanding of any personal situation and we are easy with our students when life gets on the way. Please feel free to talk to us if anything happens. We are hoping to be on the same track, so please apply if you really mean it!

What are my Bookings and Payment Options?

At the moment, we are arranging bookings personally via e-mail and we can take payments via Paypal or Bank Transfer. Online bookings via your membership area will be set up very soon. There you'll be able to book by using a calendar plus we’ll accept payments of all kinds. We are doing a soft-launch of the school, so thank you for your patience!

Do you have any more questions?

If you couldn't find an answer to your questions here, feel free to get in touch via the Application Form or via Email. Thank you!

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